Have you ever been with an escort or a prostitute? If so you should be having a clear difference between them but if not am gonna show you the difference between escorts and prostitutes in a short while. The words escort and prostitute are mostly confused by adults to mean the same thing but that is not the case because there are so many difference between escorts and prostitutes. Most of you think that both of escorts and prostitutes are found in locations where sex is the epitome of sexual fantasy and satisfaction. Just sit and relax as i shade some light to you on the difference between escorts and prostitutes.

polish_escorts_by_burtonsandii-d4ag24yThe difference between escorts and prostitutes are numerous and have a great range ranging from price points, service provision to location where they are found. First and foremost, what you should know is that sex is the only special offer a prostitute can offer you which its return is money but for an escort, sex is not the only prestigious thing to offer. Escorts offer more advanced services beyond the sexual fantasies.

Typically, escorts are normally found online or in clubs but rarely whereas prostitutes are usually found converged themselves in clubs or brothels or can be found roaming along streets eagerly waiting for ‘hungry’ interested men to bite their hand and hire them for sex.

woman_garter_dc-620x412The first main purpose for escorts is to offer companionship and even according to the bible, God made a woman(Eve) to give companionship to a man (Adam) and that is why escort business is legitimate compared to prostitution. Men employ these escorts only for a purpose of escorting and accompanying them. You may see a man and a lady holding arms in different events and think its a married couple, you are wrong because that is the best job suited for these social escorts. The only similarity which may come in hand between escorts and prostitutes is the sex part of it but the mode of provision is a bit different between the two because for prostitutes they offer it as a solely mode of exchange for money but escorts offer it after offering other special services to their clients.

More so, escorts can accompany their clients for trips and they are seen being together in public appearing to be like a lovely couple and on the other hand, prostitutes are typically available only for overnight stand or for a certain period of time the client desires. More interestingly for escorts is that they bring a far away home for the her client.
What can i say about the earning of these two. Anyway, escorts earn more money than prostitutes. You should not ask yourself why but it is because of the extra advanced services escorts offer to their clients which the prostitutes can not. Escorts can also advertise and market themselves as compared to prostitutes because escort business is legal while prostitution is illegal. This prompts a client to a hard task of finding a prostitute as compared to an escort. Escorts can be also be found online due to the freedom of marketing themselves.

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