Men and women are always different in almost everything. When you look in terms of anatomy, physiology, behavior and other aspects you may come to realize that both have a lot of differences. Considering the perspective of sex drive, which i can rate under the physiology of human body and specifically the human reproductive you will come to understand that there are numerous differences when it comes to sex drive between the two. Basically, sex drive is the physiological need for a sexual activity and how long would one need to have sex in human. Sex drive is brought about by hormones in the human body and that is why hormonal changes may lead to low or high sex drive. In men, for example, changes in testosterone hormone leads to drastic changes in the sex drive of the involved male. Therefore, the differences in sex drive in men and women is being brought about by the hormonal changes and other physiological factors if not external factors affecting human.

aphrodisiacs-2-12Let us now sit down and talk openly and honest about sex drive differences between men and women. Lack of consistent sex drive has broken a lot of relationships so there is need to understand our sex drive so as to keep our relationships firm and strong. The first difference of sex drive between men and women is that men sex drive is always more stronger as compared to that of women. Apart from being more stronger, men sex drive is also straightforward as compared to that of women.

Generally, men would think more about sex than women would. It is approximated that at least once in a day, majority of adult men under sixty years of age would think about sex but in the case of women, it is different and a less number of them would think about sex less frequently per day. The only women who would think of sex are the once whose sex desire is higher and need to engage in sex but for men they are always in the mood anytime.

orgasm-300x2051More so, men would need sex more avidly than women. This case mostly appears at the start of a relationship, in the middle of the relationship and then goes up after many years of it. The idea that men seek more sex often is being portrayed by their behavior of having multiple sex partners throughout their lifetime and that is why they are interested in casual sex more than women of their age.

Also, when it comes to orgasm, men experiences orgasm differently than women. Men on average would take only four minutes from the point of penetration to the point of ejaculation and reach orgasm. As compared to men, women usually would take approximately ten to twelve minutes to orgasm if they do.

Libido always affects the sex drive in both and some factors such as drugs affects libido. In men, libido is more responsive to drugs as compared to women whose libido is less responsive to drugs. This therefore would explain that men sex drive is directly tied to their biology and thus low sex drive can be easily treated through medication as compared to women.

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