No matter what age or from what walk of life, every girl needs a girls weekend off. There is just something so comforting in the thought of late mornings, breakfasts chatting about “last night”, afternoons by the pool, spa days and then dressing up for a night of dancing with the girls. Women share an incredible bond where they are able to tell each other about their lives, and obtain support and advice from each other. There is no better way to do that than to get away from all the boys, all the distractions the stress and hard work, and spend a girl only weekend in some once in a life time places.

There is always Las Vegas. Although this is not the most unique idea, there is a reason why thousands to millions flock there every year for some fun times. In Las Vegas you and your girls can enjoy casinos, spas, amazing restaurants and bars serving the best drinks and playing dance music all night long.

For a more local experience with a girls weekend, there are spas specially built to accommodate a group of ladies looking for some time of relaxation. These day spas provide an all around service starting from full body massages to facials, mud baths, exfoliating treatments and healthy dinners, drink and relaxing music. So if you are not looking for the crazy girls weekend away, this may be the amazing alternative.

Another great thing to do for a weekend away with the girls is find a cheap flight to a warm country such as Mexico and stay in a hotel with pools. You can sunbathe, enjoy margaritas and take a dip to chill off.

These are just so of the many things you could do with your girls on a weekend off. So plan well, and get away!

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