Are a resident of United Kingdom or visiting it for business or pleasure then few thoughts must creep in your mind. Over the years, laws regarding the prostitution in United Kingdom are being eased. Even though the law is ambiguous over the prostitution which may fine to others but it is illegal. In a nutshell, prostitution is legal in United Kingdom. Escorting is legal provide the person is above 18 years. An escort agency that will deals with underage girls will be legally prosecuted. It falls under the category of paying for sexual services with a child. The service might be consensual but still the girl will be classified as too young to make such decision.

Legality of brothel in UK

A brothel can be commercial or a residential property and can be used for prostitution. However, running and controlling of the brothel falls under the jurisdiction of the law. For instance, one or more escorts can work from that brothel provided they are not part of a group or an organization. The laws are in place to ensure that a person is prosecuted if they are trying and making a business out of prostituting multiple girls. The UK laws enables escorts to work independently and not with an organization. There are brothels in many towns in UK, and they keep closing and popups at another place.

It makes it hard for the cops to keep track of it. So they have a work around of this problem and let them operate provided that they police it on a regular basis. Police often visits the establishment and starts conversing with girls and find out if they are not being abused or treated badly. They also try to find out of any underage girl is working under the roof. They even turned a blind eye to some problems if the crime is not serious.

Other illegality with prostitution in UK

A person will be held responsible if they are found to be soliciting on the streets, pimping or kerb crawling. One cannot offer sexual services in public place even if the girl is standing on the balcony, or window shop. It is considered to be loitering in public and is illegal. Even though this law may sound absurd it is enforced to address public manners. If you are not familiar with the term kerb crawling, it means that a person is soliciting from inside the vehicle in a public space. Here too there are many discrepancies in the law but is kept to maintain the nuisance.

Advertisement of sexual service is not illegal per se but it is illegal to do it at a public space such as telephone booth. The laws about advertisement are not stringent and there many magazines and periodicals where sexual services are advertised without any problem. To avoid any problems, escorts keep a low profile and the activities are performed in a quite environment. If you are considering visiting brothel check the locality around it and if possible see how the police think about the place.

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