ALWAYS look good

Try to tell yourself that you’re a doll, not a human being. You must ALWAYS look good, be well dressed, clean clothes, smell good, have nice nails and be shaved everywhere. You don’t need to be dressed over the top all the time, jeans and sneakers are cute, and sometimes a tiny amount of makeup will do the trick: a bit of concealer and mascara if those are your basics. What is crucial is that you are always fully groomed, and always aware. Don’t go back to his place if you’re not shaved, don’t let him see you too drunk to avoid throwing up in front of him, always consider the possibility of bumping into him in the street.

men-fall-in-loveAnd if you sleep over, make sure you wake up before him to shower, brush your teeth, and put a bit of makeup back on. If you’re on a date, don’t hesitate to go to the bathroom every five minutes, to check everything, or use the emergency perfume / makeup / nail polish / hair brush in your purse. Always take the time, because it’s really worth it. But the time you spend on glamouring up, keep that a secret, to make it even more special. A guy will fall in love with a girl who seems to naturally always look good and smell good. Also, that will help you be more confident. If you know you’ve made the effort, you’ll be more sure of yourself, and therefore more seductive. And if by mistake one day he does see you looking like a mess, if it’s just that one time, compared to the princess you usually are, he’ll find it cute. Otherwise, it’s only okay if he’s already in love with you. And we’re not there yet, ladies.

NEVER text him

“Fuis-moi, je te suis – Suis-moi, je te fuis”. The infamous French quote, that describes how you are unconsciously attracted to those who ignore you, and unconsciously ignore the ones who want your attention. So ladies, never text him. That’s probably the biggest mistake girls make out there. And this is the golden rule. NEVER contact the guy you want, whatever the form of contact is, and whatever your reasons are. This is because the guy must never know that you think of him when he’s not there. Even if he already knows you’re in love, you only have a chance of making him fall in love with you if he only gets to talk to you when he contacts you himself. When he can only talk to you when he contacts you himself, it makes it special for him to talk to you. And he will only want to date a special person. Don’t even try to attract his attention with a Facebook poke or an Instagram like. If you want to attract his attention, post beautiful pictures of yourself hanging out with other guys. But don’t ever, EVER text him, even if you’ve already been dating for a few weeks.

kissGuys fall in love with girls that seem to be busy with their own lives, with their own friends, with their own careers, with their own worlds. And it doesn’t matter if you think he already knows you have all of this. It won’t seem like it anymore the second you message them. Guys are stupid, they’ll want you more if they think you’re not thinking of them. Guys fall in love with girls who don’t pressure them to meet up, and who don’t ask for attention. The best way to do that is to always let the guy text you himself. I know, sometimes it’s hard, you miss him, you want him to know how cool you are, he’s made you want him really bad. Sometimes you convince yourself you’re not that interested, so it’s okay to text him. But NO ! Don’t ever ever text a guy, even if at the moment you’re just friends. Even if you’re just friends with benefits. Even if he made a grand gesture and left his current girlfriend for you. Even if he left his wallet at your place. Trust that he will text you anyway, be patient. It is such a simple rule to stick to always, and it has incredible repercussions. This is also because, if you’re getting along, he won’t understand what you’re up to or why you don’t call him. And the wonder drives people mad. He won’t think you don’t like him, or that you’re a bitch. Do you think a guy is an asshole when he doesn’t text you? No ! You wonder what he’s doing, you go insane, you want him more. Same goes for them. Yea, guys love bitches. If you want the guy to fall in love with you, don’t text him, don’t call him, and let the magic of ignoring him happen.

Don’t hook up with him

Don’t hook up with him on the first date (or even on the first few dates) or you can forget about Prince Charming. This is one of the most important rules. Kissing is okay, but any type of foreplay or sexual intercourse you can forget about !! All that men want is sex, at least at first. He’ll never get a chance to fall in love with you if you give it to him too quickly. You want to make the guy think he’s in love with you before you give it to him. So that he’ll associate the sex with love, and want more of it. So that he’ll have time to appreciate how amazing you are, beforehand. And this is why you should only hook up with the guy when he’s already made you his official girlfriend. OFFICIAL. Even if it takes weeks, even if he’s incredibly hot and popular, even if you’re crazy attracted to him, even if he’s been texting you everyday all day, even if he said he loves you.

senoGuys will say / feel anything on the moment. What matters is if he’s taken you on multiple dates and literally asked you to be his girlfriend. Guys won’t naturally respect you. You have to show them what you’re worth. It’s okay if you do have sex beforehand, but don’t be surprised if he loses interest or never calls you again or makes up excuses to not hang out anymore, or only calls you for sex, or suddenly becomes less nice / respectful than usual. He’s not mean, he’s not an asshole, and he probably didn’t even plan for things to go this way. It’s just biological. You have to trick him into falling in love with you, and sex is your best tool, your best asset. In fact, some say that sex is all you actually have. So be strong ladies, and whatever happens – I don’t care if he begs you, if you’re drunk, if you’re afraid to disappoint him, if you’re afraid to seem too prude, if you’re alone in a dark room – RESIST and find any excuse to get away before the sex. The best way to do this is showing that you’re attracted to him, with a smile, a satisfaction moan, but then saying that you can’t and push him away. Show him that you want him but that you’re trying to control yourself. That drives guys crazy: when we say something but show something else. Similarly, tell him you’re not sure about him, but keep dating him. Always say one thing, but show another.

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