strippermoney3You want to know how strippers make money, here is the answer. In fact apart should from knowing that you should know know that strippers make a lot of good money from their erotic dances. Stripping is a multi-billion dollar industry which is ever growing and as a beautiful charming lady you should give it a try. Strippers have a real job that absolutely pays real money and a stripper can comfortably live a flashy life while providing for her family and her children at a go. You may be wondering how strippers make money by just keeping their clothes fly and strip for men but i assure you that it is a real job where money keep flowing into their pockets like hell.

What you should know is that strippers make their own money through tips. I am sure that you were imagining that strippers are being paid by the strip clubs for the dances they offer but now know that it is the other way round; the strippers pay the strip clubs instead to offer a dance. You should therefore get that myth in your mind away that strippers are being paid by the clubs and know that strippers make their own money after paying a flat fee to the club which then let them go to stage and enhance them to get paid through the tips.

stripperThese strippers earn a lot of money through these tips and go beyond even paying a percentage of the tips gained during the job to the strip clubs. These earns the club more cash apart from the flat fee being paid earlier by the stripper. You may be also wondering how much do strippers earn through these tips. Let me shade a light to you that strippers earn more bunch of dollars depending on what type of customer encountered. Strippers always make more money on a job for the older guys in most cases than the young male counterparts. You want to know why? Old is gold and old men are always fat everywhere not only physically but also when it comes to their wallets they are fat too and they can offer good tips to the strippers. On the other hand, the young guys are assholes who need strip and lap dances from the strippers and have no enough dollars in their wallets.

Strippers can also make more money by changing the type of dance they perform and offer more erotic dance which can make the clients more and more horny and add make their hand easier to reach the money in their wallets. The duration they offer the strip and lap dances also matter a lot concerning how strippers make money. The longer the duration they offer the dance the more the money they will make in the process. Strippers also make money through offering dances at the comfort of their clients in rooms commonly known as VIP rooms. Clients in these rooms pay heavy bucks of money to the strippers. Some strippers also earn their easy money online. Online stripper strips for you at the comfort of your bed and you’ll definitely feel it thoroughly and never regret.

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