At first, I want to clarify that there are a lot of people out there who have never really had hook-up sex. It is a fact that meeting up new people just for casual fun can be panicky, if not chilling. Sex is to a large extent a normal affair, yet there are so many facts about it which can make somebody restless or even troubled. One should consider some points before meeting up with a potential partner for the first time:

TaX3IG5k98IRelationship status

You should be aware of your partner’s relationship status. Ask if he/she is single or married, or even find out if they are in some sort of open relationship. The research procedure is on you so make sure you collect the right info at the first place. As you are looking for just a bit of fun, maybe use a specialist dating site such as mysexhookups which focuses in casual hook-up fun. This way you are less likely to find a person who is in a relationship, making things simpler and putting some pressure off your shoulders, after all it should be fun!

Are you sure you want to have sex with thatperson?

Wanting to have sex is something everyone feels, however it is important that you do what makes you feel right: don’t spend your night with somebody unless you really want to. You shouldn’t feel pressured to have sex purely for the sake of it so take a bit of time to know your partner and make sure you are happy and comfortable with them.

CxxiYAfw9-gDon’t try to make a copy of some porn scene

No matter what you do, don’t ever try to copy something you saw in porn movies. The aggressive behaviour isn’t something that everybody likes, particularly when you are hooking up for the first time. The fact is that it may take some time to figure out what your partner enjoys so just explore and try to see what makes them click.

To do’s / not to do’s

If you have things that you don’t like, it’s your responsibility to make your partner familiar with that. Furthermore you should ask your partner if he or she has some “no go” regions. Actually you can do this in a playful way. You have to just ask: “Is there any place you don’t like to be touched?” and then value the reaction.

7e808217df31f97bd1d5785cd8222543Anxiety is common

You should be comfortable with getting naked in front of each other. Unwind, inhale, exhale, go slow, and tell again to yourself that being a little restless is normal. A lot of people have issues with their own nudity and not everyone is comfortable with their own body. Maybe practice by standing nude in front of a mirror and try to get at ease with your naked self.


If you are on this point, then you should think about protection. The sole purpose isn’t just to prevent pregnancy but also to protect against STIs. Moreover, your partner can lie, when he/she says, “I am clean”. STIs are a nasty thing to catch and they can really influence how we trust future partners. Plus, some people don’t always know if they have contracted one, as some STI’s can show little to no symptoms. So stay safe, good fun is safe fun!

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