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The difference between escorts and prostitutes

Have you ever been with an escort or a prostitute? If so you should be having a clear difference between them but if not am gonna show you the difference between escorts and prostitutes in a short while. The words escort and prostitute are mostly confused by adults to mean the same thing but that is not the case because there are so many difference between escorts and prostitutes. MostRead More…


Sex drive diferences between men and women

Men and women are always different in almost everything. When you look in terms of anatomy, physiology, behavior and other aspects you may come to realize that both have a lot of differences. Considering the perspective of sex drive, which i can rate under the physiology of human body and specifically the human reproductive you will come to understand that there are numerous differences when it comesRead More…


How strippers make money

You want to know how strippers make money, here is the answer. In fact apart should from knowing that you should know know that strippers make a lot of good money from their erotic dances. Stripping is a multi-billion dollar industry which is ever growing and as a beautiful charming lady you should give it a try. Strippers have a real job that absolutely pays real money and a stripperRead More…