For a man, there are few things more embarrassing than premature ejaculation (also referred to as P.E. or early ejaculation). Even though many men suffer from it, it is something that makes men feel less than virile; premature ejaculation makes someone who suffers from it feel like less of a man. As you can understand, it not only ruins their sex life, but can also affect their confidence in other areas of their life as well. That is the main reason why men want to stop premature ejaculation.

informatie_over_premature_ejaculatie_dokteronline_com_3_1305031317_198When you are constantly worrying about trying to stop or delay ejaculation instead of focusing on the pleasure of sex, it is hard to enjoy sex fully. In addition, the unsatisfied partner tends to remain quiet in order to avoid embarrassment in what is already an uncomfortable situation. The man is only focused on his ability to last longer in bed, not necessarily on the pleasures of intercourse. It is virtually impossible to enjoy a rewarding sex life while early ejaculation remains a problem.

It Does Not Simply Go Away

Until treated, premature ejaculation can remain a lifelong problem. While some instances of lovemaking can potentially last longer than others do, the problem of early ejaculation remains a constant nightmare. This not only puts pressure on both partners, but also limits the full enjoyment of lovemaking. As a result, men tend to avoid most forms of intimacy and lovemaking altogether, which only leads to further problems in relationships. Premature ejaculation will return again and again until they find a way to last longer in bed.

Premature Ejaculation Myths That Are Vitally Important to Dispel

gettyimages-91271600-570521515f9b581408c0405dAs with anything, there are quite a few myths surrounding early ejaculation. It is important that people know what is true and what is false when it comes to this common issue.

P.E is not going to affect your sex-life
Anyone who suffers from early ejaculation knows that this is false. If you are constantly worried that you may ejaculate at any time, it is difficult to enjoy yourself and relax. In addition, it is possible that the woman the man is with is not getting fulfillment because of early ejaculation – many couples have stopped making love for that very reason.

You can simply use anesthetic creams or sprays

The truth is that these products rarely work, that is the first problem. Secondly, they not only numb the head of the penis, but also anything that the head of the penis meets. This detracts pleasure from both partners. Finally, these creams or sprays never actually solve anything. The moment someone stops using them, the problem returns.

Understanding The Problem In Its Entirety

With a few exceptions, P.E. is a mental process. So much has been written about sex and psychological factors already. Some people are psychologically incapable of handling the sensations and pleasures that come with sexual intercourse. However, before you can solve problems, you have to identify them first. Some people assume that this is something that they can do by simply putting their mind to it. However, do they know where to start?

pe-causes-and-treatmentsIn order to make the required psychological changes you need to be able to:

  • Find out what mental cycles can block you
  • Know how to find and identify them
  • Know how to replace them
  • Know what to replace them with

Completing The Change Is Something Anyone Can Do

In addition to the psychological changes, it may be necessary to make physical “adjustments” in order to have our bodies perform at its very best. If you read this for the first time, it is perfectly understandable that it may seem overwhelming – all this talk about physical and psychological adjustments.

However, the truth is that with the right guidance, ANYONE can do it. Once you gain an understanding of a few basic techniques and key points that are used to solve the problem, it does not take long before you can start seeing improvements beyond what you thought or hoped would be possible.

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