Masturbation can be an incredibly pleasurable experience. Unfortunately there are many myths and misunderstandings that prevent women, particularly, from indulging in this deeply satisfying practice. Here are three of the more subtle bits of misinformation; its long past time to set the record straight!

1001. I should never masturbate during sexual intercourse.

If you masturbate intentionally, regularly, and well, you are going to learn what makes you climax. If you masturbate during intercourse, you will also climax! If you masturbate right before you plan to have intercourse, you won’t be as aroused for sex. However, masturbating between sex sessions is only going to help you learn more about your own body and orgasmic potential. Plus it feels absolutely fantastic.

2. If I use a vibrator during masturbation it will be harder to orgasm with a partner.

It’s generally easier and faster for a lot of women to orgasm while using a vibrator, but it’s also true that you can use a vibrator with a partner during sex, and one does not exclude the other. And it’s not true at all that if you find it easy to climax one way, other methods are no longer as easy to use. You also won’t impair your sexual sensitivity with one. Although you may be tired after all your vibrator-induced orgasms.

3. If my man masturbates, I must not be sexually satisfying him.

13850376110-cr-180x110Men masturbate. They just do! And it’s absolutely no judgment on you. In fact, your man may masturbate MORE because the two of you are having such incredible sex that he thinks about it a lot, and wants to climax while going over it again in his head. It works that way for women, too.

By the way, always use plenty of lubrication when you masturbate. Your body will provide some natural lubrication, but the drugstore has lots more choices to help you along the way. You can keep a discreet bottle of lube tucked away in your bathroom or near your bed to prevent soreness and prolong your pleasure during masturbation and other fun sex play. Always be sure and use plenty!

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