Is escorting legal in the UK?

Are a resident of United Kingdom or visiting it for business or pleasure then few thoughts must creep in your mind. Over the years, laws regarding the prostitution in United Kingdom are being eased. Even though the law is ambiguous over the prostitution which may fine to others but it is illegal. In a nutshell, prostitution is legal in United Kingdom. Escorting is legal provide theRead More…


Why he May not Want a Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties have grown in popularity over the years since their introduction and some men are keener on planning this particular event than they are their actual wedding. Throwing a bachelor party has been seen as part and parcel of any wedding by a majority of grooms-to-be, and the mere thought of having one usually fills the man of the hour with a mixture ofRead More…


3 Masturbation Myths

Masturbation can be an incredibly pleasurable experience. Unfortunately there are many myths and misunderstandings that prevent women, particularly, from indulging in this deeply satisfying practice. Here are three of the more subtle bits of misinformation; its long past time to set the record straight! 1. I should never masturbate during sexual intercourse. If you masturbate intentionally, regularly, and well, you are going to learn what makesRead More…


Getting yourself together for a casual encounter

At first, I want to clarify that there are a lot of people out there who have never really had hook-up sex. It is a fact that meeting up new people just for casual fun can be panicky, if not chilling. Sex is to a large extent a normal affair, yet there are so many facts about it which can make somebody restless or evenRead More…


Places To Go For A Girls Only Weekend

No matter what age or from what walk of life, every girl needs a girls weekend off. There is just something so comforting in the thought of late mornings, breakfasts chatting about “last night”, afternoons by the pool, spa days and then dressing up for a night of dancing with the girls. Women share an incredible bond where they are able to tell each otherRead More…


Anyone Can Stop Premature Ejaculation & Be Her Best Lover Ever

For a man, there are few things more embarrassing than premature ejaculation (also referred to as P.E. or early ejaculation). Even though many men suffer from it, it is something that makes men feel less than virile; premature ejaculation makes someone who suffers from it feel like less of a man. As you can understand, it not only ruins their sex life, but can also affect theirRead More…


Spend your time in Westchester with a Westchester escort

Are looking for the perfect companionship in Westchester NY tonight? Well, the Westchester escorts are the ideal way for both the locals and visitors to get some pleasurable moments while partying or having some good time in the heart of NY. Unlike other escort in various parts of New York, the Westchester escorts are the high end escorts who are always willing and ready to give men inRead More…


Why the Las Vegas girlfriend experience is the best

Are you visiting Las Vegas for the very first time? The experience Las Vegas can offer is one that brings the rich and the wealthy from all parts of the world. Las Vegas is a city where you can get a girlfriend of your dreams and experience how it feels to be with a gorgeous woman as your girlfriend. I know you are surprised howRead More…


In defense of Cheesy Sex Moves

I’m not a socialite with a list of erotic movements. In fact, my only “trick” (and only works with someone you know very well, and slept with it for a while) to take off all your clothes, wrap your entire body, head included, in a blanket, lying on the bed, waiting for them to come, and lay the ceiling and shouting “BOO!” Twenty percent ofRead More…